Apple’s class action claims that iPhone 14 Pro needs a charging block for full functionality

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Close-up of an Apple charging pad, with an iPhone box in the background, representing the Apple iPhone charging pad class action lawsuit.
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iPhone Lawsuit Overview:

  • Who: Plaintiff Montana Strong filed a class action lawsuit against Apple Inc.
  • Why: Apple allegedly failed to adequately disclose that its iPhone 14 Pro didn’t come with a charging lock.
  • Where: Apple’s class action lawsuit was filed in federal court in New York.

Apple Inc. failed to notify consumers that the iPhone 14 Pro did not come with a charging lock, rendering the device unusable unless the buyer purchases separate charging devices, according to an iPhone class action lawsuit filed on June 25 in federal court in New York.

Plaintiff Montana Strong says she bought an iPhone 14 Pro, expecting it would come with an Apple charging pad that would allow her to use the smartphone without buying another product.

Buyers of the iPhone 14 Pro who realized their expensive, high-tech smartphone couldn’t be turned on without the essential wall plug were shocked, says the iPhone class action.

The iPhone class action alleges that Apple fails to adequately disclose that the product does not come with the charger

Strong says the only warning about the lack of an Apple charging pad was listed in small print on the back of the box stating: Includes: iPhone 14 Pro and USB-C to Lightning cable; power adapter and headphones sold separately.

Note that many iPhone buyers do not have iPhone chargers that are compatible with older iPhones or other Apple devices. Even if they had a compatible charger from a previous device, they may no longer have it or it may no longer be functional due to age, according to the plaintiff.

Buyers of the iPhone 14 Pro expect it to come with a charging cable and plug because this is consistent with common business practices in selling smartphones, which provide not only the smartphone but also the charging equipment to use it. affirms the collective action of the iPhone.

Since the usefulness of the iPhone 14 Pro depends on a charging cable and wall outlet, failure to include the wall outlet renders the product defective as sold and/or diminished in value, because it will not function unless the purchaser you don’t complete a separate purchase for more money, strong claims.

Because the iPhone 14 Pro is sold without an Apple charging pad, Strong says, buyers can’t use the device as intended because the device requires charging before use.

He says he wouldn’t have bought the iPhone 14 Pro, or paid so much for it, if he had known it didn’t come with a charger.

Strong filed an iPhone class action lawsuit on behalf of himself and a proposed class of individuals in upstate New York who purchased an iPhone 14 Pro within the applicable statute of limitations.

The iPhone class action lawsuit asserts claims for violations of New York General Business Law, breach of contract, breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty of merchantability and unjust enrichment.

Apple is facing at least one more iPhone class action lawsuit which claims the tech giant fails to adequately disclose that its chargers are sold separately.

Do you think an Apple charging pad should be included with the purchase of iPhone 14 Pro? Join the discussion in the comments.

Strong is represented by Spencer Sheehan of Sheehan & Associates PC.

THE Apple accuses blocking class action lawsuit AND Montana Strong v Apple Inc.Case No. 3:23-cv-00774-AMN-ML, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York.

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