Deals: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 $450 Off, Philips Hue Smart Bulbs $19, More

All of this week’s best deals are coming to a close with a new round of live discounts for Friday, ahead of the bank holiday weekend. While the Pixel Fold is stealing the spotlight in the foldable world, the extra savings on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 make the tried-and-true option a better value altogether. $450 off historic low. It is joined by some Philips Hue smart bulbs that work with Assistant out of the box from $19 mashed potato. Take the leap to all of that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch break.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a better value than other foldables at an all-time low of $1,350

Google’s first foldable device just hit the scene this week and sadly disappointing first impressions have followed. So, if your hopes of the company releasing a smartphone worthy of taking home are dashed, you’d be better off going for a fully-fledged one. By the end of the week, Amazon is starting to phase out the existing Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G smartphone. Samsung’s current-generation foldable laptop normally retails for $1,800 when you pick up an unlocked laptop, but now it’s returning to an all-time low for only the second time a$1,349.99. Today’s offer comes in at $450 off offering a match of Amazon’s best discount for only the second time this year. Its $50 less than many other price drops throughout 2023 so far, it’s the first chance to save in over a month, and it’s a remarkable chance to secure a compelling smartphone experience for far less than retail.

Samsung’s latest generation foldable flagship arrives as the new Galaxy Z Fold 4. Now an even better value several months after it was revealed last fall, everything is powered by the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, which is packed in a 7.6-inch display. The familiar foldable form factor still packs a secondary 6.2-inch screen on the outside, both with taller aspect ratios this time around. And by the way! There’s a new under-display selfie camera that you can learn all about in our hands-on review.

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Phillips Hue High Lumen smart bulbs drop to the best prices of the year

Amazon is now offering one of our favorite smart home lighting solutions at the best price of the year. Courtesy of the Philips Hue stable, its Color Ambiance High Lumen smart bulb now sells for$43. Normally fetching $65, today’s discount pairs a direct price reduction with added coupon savings in order to deliver the lowest we’ve seen in all of 2023. That equates to $22 in savings, it’s $12 below our previous mention from April and is still one of the first period of declines. Providing the brightest color bulb in Philips Hue, its recent version has a higher luminous flux that’s the equivalent of a traditional 100W bulb. As well as providing more light for your space, there’s the same remarkable feature set from the other offerings, such as Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with Alexa or Assistant devices, Zigbee for integration into a HomeKit setup, and the ability to add a pop of color to any space.

A much cheaper way to bring some of the best smart home lighting technology on the market into your setup, the Philips Hue White Ambiance High Lumen bulb is also on sale right now. Seeing much of the same extra 15% discount as the main deal, this drops from the usual $45 rate to$30. That’s $15 off, and it cuts our previous mention by an extra $4. These bulbs, in addition to adjusting the brightness, also allow you to change the color temperature to set cooler colors in the morning and warmer tones at night. And if that’s still too expensive for you, ditch the color temperature adjustments by going with the standard High Lumen White bulb at$19down from $22. Both options are even brighter than other Hue bulbs on the market, with an equivalent wattage of 100W.

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Save $350 or more on Anker’s latest PowerHouse 767 GaNPrime powerhouse

Earlier this month, Anker launched its new Solix brand, retrofitting existing portable power plants and solar panels into a separate sub-brand. Today, we saw some live discounts across the range, all headlined by the PowerHouse 767 GaNPrime powerhouse at$1,649. Today’s offer comes in at $350 off the usual going rate of $1,999. It originally launched at $2,199, and now it’s coming with some extra savings to hit the second-best discount ever. It also comes within $50 of the all-time low. Living up to its status as Anker’s most complete powerhouse yet, the new PowerHouse 767 arrives centered around a massive 2,048Wh internal battery. Backed by GaNPrime charging technology, this unit can also handle delivering 2,400W of power from its 12 different charging options. There’s notably an RC port to go with four full AC outlets, three USB-C outputs, USB-A, and a couple of car outlets. We also break down what to expect from our coverage starting in December.

As we detailed back in December, Ankers’ powerhouse also comes integrated with a few add-on devices for extending battery life or simply refueling on the go. Leaning on the off-grid nature, the 200W dual solar panel pack kicks things off and is on sale for$2,499. This is down from its usual going rate of $3,099, offering a new all-time low at $100 below our previous mention. So for extended runtime, Anker PowerHouse 767 also comes with one of the 760 expansion batteries for$2,599. This set would normally set you back $3,299 and is also at an all-time low, beating even the previous discount of an extra $100.

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