How to create contact posters in iOS 17 on iPhone

Custom Contact Poster is one of the coolest features in iOS 17. It allows you to spice up your calling experience by attaching emojis or pictures to better express yourself. Your iOS 17 contact poster will appear full screen on the recipient’s iPhone when you call them. This feature draws inspiration from the iOS 16 lock screen design language, allowing you to customize your contact posters with different colors, depth effects, fonts, and more. In addition to the Phone app, this feature will also work with third-party VoIP apps. So, next time you are calling your family or friends, let your personality shine nice and bright through eye catching contact posters. In this quick step-by-step guide, we’ll help you create iOS 17 contact posters for you and your contacts. So, let’s get started!

Note: Your contacts can only see your contacts poster if they’ve updated to iOS 17.

How to create a contact poster for yourself on iOS 17

After you download iOS 17 beta to your iPhone and open the Phone app (for the first time), you’ll be prompted to update your name and photo. You can also set it up later, whenever you want. Here are the steps to create a contact poster in iOS 17.

1. On your iPhone running iOS 17, open the file Phone apps and tap My card from the Contacts tab.

2. Touch Contacts Photos & Posters and enter your Name and Surname.

3. Enable Sharing names and photos.

4. Under the Share automatically section, choose if you want to share the information with all your contacts. Then, tap Modify.

5. Scroll to the rightmost card and choose the Create new option.

6. You will see several ways to personalize your contact poster Camera, Photo, Memoji or Monogram.

6. We chose Memoji here. There is an option to choose from the available Memoji or create your own. You can choose accordingly.

7. After your selection, tap Next.

8. You can too change the background color AND THE font and color of your name.

9. Once you have the desired layout, tap Done.

10. You will see a Poster preview screen. To proceed, tap Continues. In case you want to make changes, tap Backwards.

11. Touch Update.

12. Finally, tap Usage to update your Apple ID and My Card with this contact poster.

How to create contact posters for other contacts on iOS 17

You can also set up Contact Poster for contacts saved on your iPhone. Because you’re creating and customizing these posters, they’ll only be visible when you get a call from that contact.

1. Open the Phone app and tap the Contacts tab. Tap the contact you want to create a contact poster for.

2. Touch Modify in the upper right corner.

3. Touch Add photos.

4. Now select Camera, Photo, Memoji or Monogram from the options. We chose Monogram for demonstration purposes.

5. Choose the text and style options as per your preference and press the Next button.

5. Touch Personalize the poster, and you will see the Choose your poster page.

6. Again, select from the four options namely Camera, Photos, Memoji and Monogram on your iPhone.

7. Make the necessary changes and tap Done. Your iPhone will now preview the contacts poster you just created.

8. Touch Continues to use this poster or select Backwards to make further changes.

9. Finally, tap Done.

How to delete contact posters in iOS 17 on iPhone

The Contact Poster feature of iOS 17 is quite exciting and overwhelming. If you got carried away and created too many contact posters for yourself or your contacts, you can easily delete them from your iPhone. Here are the steps.

1. Open the Phone app, visit Contacts -> My profile -> Contacts Photos and posters and tap Modify.

2. Now, scroll up the poster of the contact you want to delete.

3. Touch the trash can icon and press Delete.

4.A drop a contact poster for your saved contact, go to the contact whose contact poster you want to delete and touch Modify. Then, swipe up the poster, tap the trash can icon, and choose Delete.

Frequent questions

Can I create a Contact Poster on my iPhone?

You can enable and create contact posters on any iPhone XR or newer models running iOS 17.

Why does my Contacts app crash when I create a contacts poster on my iPhone?

The latest iOS 17 is currently in Developer Beta which is mainly for testing and development. Like any other Beta software release, iOS 17 may also have bugs and glitches. We can expect a more refined experience with the stable release of iOS 17, which will likely arrive in September.

Can I create contact posters for my saved contacts?

Yes, you can create contact posters for your friends, family or other saved contacts. That said, only you can see these posters when you get a call. The contact posters you’ve created for your iPhone contacts won’t be visible to anyone else.

What are the types of Contact Posters I can create in iOS 17?

You can create Photo Contact Poster, Memoji Contact Poster, and Monogram Contact Poster in iOS 17.

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