I used to work at the Apple Store, here are 5 things you should never buy there

While the Apple Stores might be great bastions of incredible architecture, cantilevered mezzanines, and soaring glass panels, they’re not the place to be if you really want to save money on everything you buy.

Apple’s notoriously stingy, but arguably fair, retail prices Almost they never change throughout the year and, if they do, very rarely decrease. Apple doesn’t hold any discounts or sales, with the exception of the Black Friday weekend, and even then it’s only offering gift cards to complement full-price purchases. I should know, because I worked there. The reason for this is that as a customer you would be justifiably annoyed to find that the Mac/iPad/Apple Watch you bought three weeks ago is now 15% cheaper at the same store, the downside is that you will never see one discount in an Apple Store.

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