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It’s quite brave to launch a new brand in the Philippine smartphone industry. Even braver to bring a new player to the competitive entry-level market. With many contenders already in the spotlight, it’s a tall order to even get noticed.

But that doesn’t stop French smartphone brand WIKO as it introduces the WIKO 10 in the country. So the question remains, would the features of this phone be enough to grab the attention of the market?

I guess that’s what we’ll find out in this review.

The classic never goes out of style


Smartphone designs these days are mostly shiny and eye catching, but you can never go wrong with a classic look. The WIKO 10 variant we have is black with a matte finish. For me. it looks premium and sophisticated especially when you don’t put the clear jelly case on.

Its body is made of plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap. There is no body flex as its construction is quite solid.

It has rounded corners and edges that seem to go against the typical boxy design. Something we usually see in new smartphones today. Thankfully, this means it’s easier to grip. This, despite being a quarter of an inch smaller than being a seven-inch device that weighs 199 grams.


After using it for days, this phone actually reminds me of the Infinix Note 11s. It’s similar when it comes to weight, size, and rounded design.

My partner Andre also tried using the WIKO 10. He shared that it has a similar feel to the ROG Phone 5s he had previously reviewed in terms of size. This could be a big plus for the gamers as even with this budget phone, they have the same feeling of using such an expensive gaming smartphone. As for size, that is.

As for the camera design, I liked that the cameras are not so big and embossed compared to today’s new smartphones. It gives us that subtle look that actually feels nice.

Large display for media consumption


The WIKO 10 features a 6.74-inch 720p IPS LCD display. Surprisingly for a budget phone with an IPS panel, the WIKO 10’s display does not lack vibrancy and detail.

However, with its large display size, some images are stretched. Icons also have noticeably rough edges, and images tend to be pixelated. But despite that observation, I still enjoyed watching Netflix series on a bigger screen.

I also have this habit of surfing the internet before sleep while the lights are already off (which is not advisable lol). So, I appreciate that WIKO 10 has a night light in its display settings. It gives the screen a warmer tone, so I don’t strain my eyes.

As far as sound quality is concerned, this one has a single bottom speaker which actually produces decent sounding audio and works great when playing games and watching videos.

With soundtripping, I think it would still be best to use earphones or wired earphones since this has an audio jack anyway.

Performance and software


Under the hood, WIKO 10 sports the MediaTek Helio G37 chipset. It also has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage which is enough for a budget phone. So we don’t have to worry about downloading a lot of apps or games as this phone can definitely handle it.

With this chipset and the amount of storage space, apps run smoothly with occasional lag on its interface.

And speaking of games, I assume they too benefited from the ample RAM available. This phone is already suitable for casual gamers as you can play popular games at decent speeds. But don’t expect too much as you have to run most games on low settings.

While I’m not a mobile gamer, I enjoyed playing the game Pokemon Cafe Remix which worked very well and Call of Duty: Mobile putting it on low settings.

As for its software, it runs on Android 12 with minimal pre-installed apps. This is probably to prevent the phone from slowing down. But as someone who’s pretty old school, one that came pre-installed that I really liked was an FM radio app that lets me listen to my favorite radio stations even while I’m on the go.

Competent cameras


At the rear, the WIKO 10 features a triple camera setup. A 50MP main camera, 2MP depth camera, 2MP macro lens. While up front, it has an 8MP selfie camera.

I actually missed photo walks, so I took this phone for a couple of days around the neighborhood. I wasn’t expecting much, but using the main camera, photos taken during the day look pretty good.

Comparing this to the older budget phones, I can definitely see an improvement in clarity and processing.

I had a bit of a struggle as I sometimes miss taking good pictures due to the slow shutter response of the camera. I’ve also noticed that the photos sometimes tend to be oversaturated.

As for night photography, I was pleased that even without a designated night mode, the camera was still able to take passable photos of static subjects with some exposure adjustment.

On the other hand, selfies taken with the 8MP front camera looked fine in good lighting conditions. But in low-light scenarios, photos of this one have shown its weakness and are probably no longer for the gram.


I also tried the camera’s Beauty mode and didn’t find it flattering.


And checking the photo gallery, I also noticed that the photos are low resolution which is probably an effort to make it easier to scroll through and review the photos.

Massive battery


As for the battery, the WIKO 10 packs a 5000mAh battery which is common on budget smartphones. But what gives it a small edge over its competitors is its 22.5W USB-C charging.

I tested its battery over the weekend and it lasted me a day surfing the web, using it to take pictures catching up Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and even used it for a while to charge my phone while out like the WIKO 10 did wireless reverse charging.

As for the juice, it was able to go from 0% to 16% in just 10 minutes and was able to fully charge it in an hour and 44 minutes, which is a bit faster than phones from similar price.

Is WIKO 10 your GadgetMatch?


The WIKO 10 may not yet have all the features you usually want, especially when it comes to camera performance and capabilities. But in its price range, it still has some advantages that make it a competitive choice.

It has a large, vibrant display that’s enough for watching videos and playing games, a capable battery that can last for a day and even charge other devices, plus it can be easily boosted with its 22.5W fast charging.

It also has a large storage space for downloading loads of apps and photos if you find yourself needing them.

All in all, I think WIKO 10 is a decent solution for people on a budget, but I think it’s also very good for people planning to buy a secondary phone.

WIKO 10 is available in 3 colours: Klein Blue, Silver and Black and is retailed for PHP 8,990 on Lazada, Shopee and authorized WIKO shops and kiosks.

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