Meet Ripple: TikTok’s parenting AI-powered new music-making app that can turn a hummed tune into a song – Music Business Worldwide

ByteDance has shaken up the power dynamic in the music world. TikTok, the $220 billion tech giant’s popular video-sharing app, can beat hits, turn unknown artists into viral stars, and drive new commercial success for ‘catalogue’ songs recorded decades ago does. Now, ByteDance wants aspiring creators to do it Do the music for their short … Read more

SoundCloud addresses what it calls the ‘Zero Plays’ problem with AI-powered First Fans feature – Music Business Worldwide

For new music artists, getting into the streaming business is getting harder every day. The problem, simply, is the volume. By last count, there were an estimate 120,000 new tracks are uploaded to major streaming services every day. With so much audio content out there, attracting attention to a single new song can be virtually … Read more