Governor Shapiro Highlights Administration’s Plans to Expand Broadband Access Across Pennsylvania During Visit to Beaver County

Governor Shapiro Highlights Administration's Plans to Expand Broadband Access Across Pennsylvania During Visit to Beaver County

Last week, Governor Shapiro announced that Pennsylvania will receive more than $1.16 billion in federal funding to expand broadband across the Commonwealth to ensure every Pennsylvanian has access to affordable high-speed Internet. accessible. Beaver Falls, PA Today, during a visit to the Carnegie Free Library in Beaver Falls, Governor Josh Shapiro,Executive Director of the Pennsylvania … Read more

Colorado gets millions to expand high-speed Internet access

Colorado gets millions to expand high-speed Internet access

LOVELAND Expanding affordable high-speed Internet access across the country could be as transformative as electrification and the interstate highway system, federal, state and local officials said Thursday during a celebration of more than 826 million dollars in federal funds that will help expand broadband in Colorado over the next three years. The funding is part … Read more

NY secured $670 million to expand Internet access. Which regions need it most?

Fiber networks allow for high-speed Internet connections.

Eight years after New York first rolled out its Broadband for All plan to bring Internet access to homes across the state, some rural residents still lack reliable broadband Internet access. A $670 million federal cash infusion announced last week could change that. New York’s $1 Billion ConnectAll Initiative is the state’s latest way to … Read more

Iowa will get $415 million in US efforts to expand high-speed Internet access

President Joe Biden announced a $42.5 billion investment in high-speed Internet infrastructure on Monday during an event in the East Room of the White House.

Even with Iowa on the line for $415.3 million from the Biden administration to expand high-speed Internet access, part of a record $42.5 billion being rolled out nationwide, experts they wonder if it will be enough to connect homes without broadband services and juice speeds for those with slow access. An estimated 1.3 million homes … Read more

CT to receive $144 million to expand high-speed Internet access

Connecticut to receive more than $144 million in federal funding to help expand state’s broadband networks and ensure, for the first time, that every home and business in the state has access to reliable, high-speed Internet . The federal grant is part of a larger $42.45 billion national program that was funded by the Bipartisan … Read more