This Pixel Fold durability test is one of the worst I’ve ever seen | Digital Trends

Ladies, this is painful to see to the tune of $1,800! Jerry Rig Everything Google’s first foldable phone, the Google Pixel Fold, left a pretty solid first impression. Not just because it’s a Pixel with all its camera and software goodness that can also pull off a foldable trick. Instead, Google has really surprised with … Read more

The internet is now Google Bard to consume

Google has updated its privacy policy, a routine and frequent measure that would usually be completely irrelevant: Generally. However, Google’s privacy policy update is unique in that the alteration now allows its AI chatbot, Bard, access to nearly everything publicly available online. If you can find it with a Google search, it’s fair game. That’s … Read more

Google AI features MediaPipeDiffusion plug-ins that enable controllable generation of text-to-image on the device

Google AI features MediaPipeDiffusion plug-ins that enable controllable generation of text-to-image on the device Diffusion models have been used extensively with considerable success in text-to-image generation in recent years, leading to significant improvements in image quality, inference performance, and the scope of our creative possibilities. However, effective generation management remains a challenge, especially under conditions that are difficult to put into words. MediaPipe dispersion plug-ins, developed by Google … Read more

The godfather of artificial intelligence leaves Google and warns of the danger ahead

Artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer, Dr Geoffrey Hintonmade headlines recently like him walks away from Google to openly express his concerns about the potential dangers of AI. With a career spanning half a century, Dr. Hinton has played an integral role in the development of AI technology, including the seminal work behind popular chatbots such as … Read more

Without hardware, is Google really all-in on smart glasses?

Google AR glasses translation

9to5Google has a newsletter restarted which highlights Google’s biggest stories with added commentary and other tidbits. Sign up to get it delivered to your inbox early, or continue reading Google’s 9to5Logout below: This week, news surfaced that Google had “shelved” its Iris smart glasses project earlier this year. This has been framed as a casualty … Read more

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro devices are reportedly getting hot for some


New updates are added at the bottom of this story. The original story (released October 24, 2022) follows: Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have recently arrived as the latest flagship smartphones from Google. Both devices are powered by the new Google Tensor G2 chipset that is a bit more powerful and efficient than the … Read more

Chat GPT vs. Google Bard: Which AI Chatbot is Better at Programming?

When Google launched Bard, its answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, it lacked a feature much appreciated by ChatGPT users: the ability to write code. However, following popular demand, Google gave Bard a shot in the arm, allowing him to write code in dozens of programming languages. videos of the day Innocn 48Q1V: Ultimate gaming immersion on … Read more