Dave the Diver is Steam’s next viral hit and for good reason | Digital Trends

Steam is a vast ocean of games and only a select few really make it to the top. Every now and then, though, a smaller indie gem makes its way to the surface and emerges as a smashing success. We’ve seen this before with games like Between us, Hero of the cycleAND Valheim, but this … Read more

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Tesla Stock Hit a New All-Time High This Year? | The motley fool

TSLA PE ratio graph

Tesla (TSLA 2.41%) has long been associated with artificial intelligence (AI). Without AI, there can be no self-driving cars, a sizable part of Tesla’s investment thesis. Tesla has benefited from this newfound interest in AI investing, as the stock is up nearly 60% since AI became the hottest topic in the investment world in early … Read more

Alphabet hit with double downgrades on AI fears

Alphabet hit with double downgrades on AI fears

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai Hardik Chhabra/ The India Today Group via Getty Images The Google search bears, fearing a near-term defeat by generative AI, have spoken. Google’s parent company Alphabet has been hit with a double-duty downgrades from Wall Street analysts this week, as UBS AG and Bernstein both warned of the near-term threat that … Read more