Who owns that meme? The answer is all over the internet

u200bA photograph of Andru00e1s Aratu00f3 that has become an internet meme: Hide the Pain Harold

-Analyses- BUENOS AIRES The meme, a composite image or joke posted online, is typically meant to be funny, but it can also be seen as a particularly modern and sometimes powerful form of communication. At best, memes ingeniously summarize an event, life situation or difficult situation, breaking down the barriers of perception with minimal explanations, … Read more

Everything to know about Threads, the Meta-owned app set to challenge Twitter

Everything to know about Threads, the Meta-owned app set to challenge Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk avoided a cage fight last month, but the companies they oversee, Meta and Twitter respectively, are poised to square off in direct competition. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, revealed on Monday a new “conversation” app called Threads that appears to be the long-awaited counterpart to Twitter. Scheduled to launch … Read more

How AI affects what you see on Facebook and Instagram | Half

2 phone screens showing "why are you seeing this" on Instagram and Facebook

Billions of people use Facebook and Instagram every day to share life’s ups and downs, to connect with people who share their interests, and to discover content they enjoy. To make everyone’s experience on our apps unique and personalized to them, we use artificial intelligence systems to decide what content they see, informed by the … Read more

Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky is trying to save the internet

In 2022, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey left the company. One of his new projects, Bluesky, is a social media app it seems Exactly like Twitter. The difference? Bluesky promises an unprecedented level of control over your scrolling experience. The goal, essentially, is to undo all of Dorsey’s self-described mistakes, fixing social media and perhaps, hopefully, … Read more