Why isn’t Twitter working? How Elon Musk finally busted his site and why the internet could be getting worse

Musk tweeted this week that the term cis is an 'insult' (Alamy/PA)

Musk tweeted this week that the term cis is an insult (Alamy/PA) It started out like any other outage: unexplained error messages telling users they’d hit their speed limit and Twitter posts refusing to load. But as the weekend wore on, it became clear that these weren’t just any technical issues, but rather problems that … Read more

Starfield partners with AMD and oh boy, isn’t the internet happy

AMD today announced a partnership with Bethesda and Starfield, arguably the most anticipated game of both 2022 and now 2023. And, in all honesty, it’s not great timing for the red team, considering it’s been getting a lot of heat lately for its perceived blockage. of rival upscalers from its sponsored titles. And so today’s … Read more

The internet isn’t totally weird yet; AI can fix it

The Internet is descending into a hurricane of AI-generated nonsense, and no one knows how to stop it. That’s the sobering possibility presented in a couple of papers examining AI models trained on AI-generated data. This possibly avoidable fate is nothing new to AI researchers. But these two new findings bring to the fore some … Read more