Meet Ripple: TikTok’s parenting AI-powered new music-making app that can turn a hummed tune into a song – Music Business Worldwide

ByteDance has shaken up the power dynamic in the music world. TikTok, the $220 billion tech giant’s popular video-sharing app, can beat hits, turn unknown artists into viral stars, and drive new commercial success for ‘catalogue’ songs recorded decades ago does. Now, ByteDance wants aspiring creators to do it Do the music for their short … Read more

Tim Fu uses artificial intelligence to turn crumpled paper into starchitecting building plans

Crumpled paper used as an AI prompt

Designer Tim Fu used LookX, an architecture-trained AI tool, to transform crushed paper into building models that evoke the designs of architects Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid. The newly launched LookX platform is an Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) tool designed especially for the “architecture lover”. Top image: A building designed by artificial intelligence in … Read more

Because suggestions like “turn off your iPhone for five minutes” don’t actually help users

Because suggestions like "turn off your iPhone for five minutes" don't actually help users

Last week, the Australian prime minister offered some safety advice for iPhone users, suggesting that everyone should turn off their iPhone for five minutes every night. On the surface, this may seem like harmless advice for iPhone users, but the reality is a bit more nuanced. Indeed, such broad and generalized statements as this one … Read more