Elon Musks’ father shares young photo to debunk image of adult dwarf human AI

Errol Musk, 77, father of Elon Musk, shared a baby photo of his son.

Technician From Ariel Zilber June 29, 2023 | 11:59 The father of tech titan Elon Musk has offered a rare image of his son when he was a toddler after an AI-generated photo of future tycoon Tesla made him look like an adult human dwarf. Earlier this month, Twitter parody account Not Jerome Powell posted … Read more

AWS GetIT introduces young students in Ukraine and Poland to cloud computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) GetIT image.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) GetIT provides a unique opportunity for young people to learn about technology and design app ideas to solve problems in their communities. AWS GetIT is a fully funded cloud-focused educational program and app design competition for school students. The programme, currently available in 13 countries, helps schools and educators encourage their … Read more